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Peg Perego 12V Replacement Battery

Peg Perego 12V Replacement Battery


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Replacement battery fits all current and older John Deere 12 volt toys. For riding tractor toys, casing simply needs to be removed for install. Also fits other model 12 volt Peg Perego toys. For all new 1998-1999 12 volt Peg Perego battery operated vehicles, the connector is blue. High efficiency mega force 12 volt battery, designed for Peg Perego Adventure 12 volt vehicles. Currently used by the John Deere Gator and John Deere Power pull toys. Also fits all of the vehicles listed here: ADVENTURE HP (IGOR0005), APACHE (HP253), BEARCAT (HP0237), CAM AM TRAXTER (IGOR0019_CAM), CHALLENGER (CHALLEN), CORRAL 270 (HP231), CORRAL PRINCESS 270 (CP270), CRAFTSMAN ATV (IGOR0023), CRAFTSMAN TRACTOR (IGOR0022), CUB CADET TRACTOR (IGOR0024), CUB CADET TRACTOR WITH TRAILER (IGOR0025), JOHN DEERE GATOR - OLD STYLE (oldgator), JOHN DEERE BUCK EXT (IGOR0013), GAUCHO 4.0 (IGOD0020), GAUCHO (A151), GAUCHO GRANDE (HP252), GAUCHO HI-TORQUE (HT411), GAUCHO ROCKIN (IGOD0024), GAUCHO SILVER EDITION (IGOD0006), GAUCHO SPORT (HP251), JOHN DEERE OFF ROAD 4X4 (IGOD0022), JOHN DEERE POWER LOADER WITH TRAILER (IGOR0020), JOHN DEERE POWER PULL (IGOR0006), JOHN DEERE BUCK (IGOR0010), JOHN DEERE TURF TRACTOR (IGOR0027), LIGHTNING (LIGHTNI), MAGICA (HP0260), MAGNUM OFF ROAD (HP212), MAGNUM 4X4 (D120), POLARIS SPORTSMAN 600 (IGOR0008), POLARIS SPORTSMAN 700 (RED) (IGOD0013), POLARIS SPORTSMAN 2X (X2) (IGOD0032), RACING TRUCK (HP0214), RANGER GT (HP243), RODEO (RODEO), THUNDER TNT (THUNTNT), THUNDERBOLT (THUNBLT), THUNDERCAT (HP233), THUNDERCAT (HP0235), THUNDERCAT 2000 (HP0239), WARRIOR PRINCESS (HP0238), JOHN DEERE WORKSITE GATOR (IGOD0021), JOHN DEERE WORKSITE GATOR W/ POWER LIFT (WSGATPL), JOHN DEERE GATOR REVISED (IGOD0004), and JOHN DEERE GATOR SE (IGOD0039).

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